We are passionate about uniform;Khaki Devil

Khaki Devil was formed in 2001 with a mission to improve historical accuracy in military uniforms, equipment, weapons and props for film, television and theatre productions.

The company swiftly earned a reputation as a friendly place where directors, producers, production designers, costume designers, prop buyers and others in the business could get help, advice and great kit at affordable hire rates.

Directors Kev Smith, Tracey Mackenzie and Taff Gillingham all still have very ‘hands-on’ roles and, despite the large number of high profile projects the company has worked on, are just as keen to help productions, whether they are being staged in the West End or in a local Village Hall.

By providing an all round service including uniforms, equipment, weapons, props, historical advice, trench locations and specialist extras, the team at Khaki Devil are able to help producers make considerable savings.

Besides which, it rarely costs any more to make a production historically accurate than it does to make it inaccurate. The Devil really is in the detail.

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