All The King's Men

A BBC1 drama telling the story of the 1/5th (Territorial) Battalion of The Norfolk Regiment who 'disappeared' at Gallipoli in August 1915. Shot on location in Norfolk and Spain and starring David Jason, Dame Maggie Smith, and Patrick Malahide.

Historical Advice:

Military Adviser: Taff Gillingham

Taff was asked to comment on the script very early on and was subsequently appointed Military Adviser to the programme. He was then on hand to give advice on all aspects of uniform, equipment and drill of the period throughout this production. The attention to detail was outstanding and the overall effect was, in consequence, extremely good. Some very difficult period drill manoeuvres were carried out despite difficult and often trying conditions!


We were able to supply many hard to find pieces of soldiers 'small kit' at very short notice and reproduced items such as Great War field dressings, paybooks, identity discs and signalling flags.

Specialist Extras:

We supplied many men throughout the filming in Norfolk, and a team of nine for the 'Gallipoli' scenes in Spain - an almost unheard of situation! All men were well trained in the drill of the period and all had the correct uniforms, equipment and attitude of the soldier of the time.

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